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New York City Aerial

by Tim Sklyarov


ClimateWorks is a San Francisco based foundation whose mission is to support public policies that prevent dangerous climate change and promote global prosperity. This infographic about wlkable neighborhoods is part of a document called Planning Cities for People, which was prepared for the Chinese government. The document, which contains 8 research-based recommendations that lead to prosperous, low-carbon urban areas, uses richly illustrated maps and diagrams to present examples of street-grids that promote walking, prioritize bicycle networks, create mixed-use neighbourhoods and support high-quality transit.

You can find the document here.

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Here’s a foolish attempt at describing pure, large scale sprawl, as Smart Growth

"Pristine, untouched 1100 Acres"

A development placed in the center of the vast nothingness between Fredericksburg and Richmond, taking 1100 acres of forested farmland, based around a non-existent train station (to be built in an era without rail funding)

Visit their website, which bills this development as “Washington D.C. South,” whatever that is supposed to imply, and share a few laughs with me.

Curbee bicycle footrest - first in the USA from Steven Vance on Vimeo.


A Copenhagen urban-biking staple finds its way to Chicago.

Mount Storm Wind Farm

With all the times I’ve spent in Petersburg, I had never seen Mount Storm until today. It was nothing short of breathtaking.

What preservation is really all about is the retention and active relationship of the buildings of the past to the community’s functioning present

— Ada Louise Huxtable

sincerelysatirical Hey what do you have against bus infrastructure as a means of public transport?

A whole litany of things really. The root of the problem with buses is that they are quick and cheap and serve as a “good enough” solution- hindering further exploration of permanent transit.

Also, living in Richmond, the city where in 70 years time, the electric street car was invented, implemented, razed, and replaced by buses doesn’t help give me a positive view on the subject (as planners here attempt to clean up the messes still left from the decision to go full bus in the 1950’s)


Project by: Margie Ruddick

Transforming the tangle of infrastructure at the gateway to New York’s Long Island City into a lush green corridor welcoming to pedestrians and bicyclists. For the New York City Department of City Planning and Economic Development Corporation. With Marpillero Pollak, Michael Singer Studio, Leni Schwendinger Light Projects, WRT

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This Bike Is Made From Wood And Recycled Soda Cans

Could cycling get any better for the planet? This design concept imagines a far greener bike than the standard metal frames in use today. More> Co.Exist  


Bikes and pizza. Seriously, does life get any better than that?

Product by Doiy Design

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Sacred Heart Cathedral 

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